Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summed up in one phrase: why create exceptional content twice? In the current market, business owners use audio and video content to take their businesses further. Smart business owners leverage written transcripts and audio and video to take their businesses to the next level and beyond. 

Our Promise

Lighthouse Transcription, LLC is the leading source for everything transcription. We developed the ACE approach to business.

A - Accurate and dependable; 99% accuracy, guaranteed!

C - Cost-efficient; High quality, competitive pricing, profitable for our clients!

E - Effective; we get results!

Meet Our Founder

Jessica Hanks founded Lighthouse Transcription, LLC in 2016. After being a transcriptionist for several years, Jessica noticed a trend among transcription services. Companies were either focused on being extremely cheap - and quality suffered - or were extremely expensive, which became cost prohibitive for clients.

We knew there was a better way, and Lightouse Transcription, LLC was born. We are built on the ideals of high quality with competitive pricing, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients to achieve and surpass their goals.

Ready To Build Your Business?

If the idea of doubling or tripling your clients and client engagement by using transcription is appealing to you, contact us for a quote or sample transcript today!